I’m currently helping develop a non profit foundation that aims to save lemurs. We had a call with a potential partner this week and I was describing the challenges we face in Madagascar. I want to create a visual concept, because nowadays people don’t have time to read tens of pages.
Please see attached a map made by hand. I am struggling to find an appropriate tool to make this on the PC.
The problem is in the middle – local poor people in Madagascar consume the forest, and hunt and eat lemurs.
To help lemurs to survive we need:
1. To stop illegal cut of the forests and make reforestation programs. We hire local people, give the places to work and raise their standards of living. People cut forests to produce charcoal, so we need to give them alternative fuels (example: rocket stoves).
2. To prevent hunting and eating of lemurs we need to give them alternative food sources, for example fishing and farming (growing chicken, ducks, pigs).
3. Increase tourism: part of the revenue will go for local community. We will encourage handicrafts which will again benefit local people.
4. One of the biggest efforts: to give local people access to clean water (we build wells with manual pumps in villages heavily affected by draughts and get support of local people back).
I would be grateful if you could help me with the visualization concept and tool recommendation.
Thank you in advance; the lemurs say thank you as well.