We work on automobiles data. Analysts check manufacturers and models data, and update everything in our in-house tool. We receive information about 100 jobs from different manufacturers, and they send in their updates regarding car models, bikes, lights, heavies, etc. and different metrics for each, such as prices, technical specifications, or other options. My job is to assign these jobs to the analyst and maintain the final reports.

Reports include such information as turn around time, the productivity of an analyst, jobs completed, received, work in process, awaiting QC, how many jobs are outstanding, how many jobs are due today, errors, projection for next week, volume analysis, error dashboard, time utilization report, weekly summary, production hours, SLA’s report, etc.

What tool can help us do a better job collecting, collating, analyzing, and producing these reports? 

The image is what the clients are using as their workflow and is accessible to the managers. The tool should be accessible by everyone, both analysts, managers, and clients, has charts and pivots. The Excel file is a sample data.