In case you’re not aware, today is March 14, 2014—3/14/14—better known as Pi Day.  For some, this is probably an excuse to eat a lot of pie and for others it’s probably an excuse to memorize some number of digits of pi. For some, however, it’s the opportunity to do something about pie charts.

To counter bad pie charts, Xan Gregg is encouraging people to replace them in your own work or in a public space like Wikipedia with better visualizations. You can leave a comment on Xan’s blog or tweet with the tag #onelesspie to share your revisions.

For those of you who want to have some fun on this Pi Day, I’ve posted three pie charts for possible revision. The data are included in this Excel file. Maybe the conversation can demonstrate to others the advantages of different approaches to pie charts.

If you’re not up for any of it, that’s fine too; just enjoy a slice of pie instead.