I would be grateful for any help the HelpMeViz community may be willing to provide in breaking my visualization block! I always find inspiration from the responses here.

We have a quarterly operations summary for a group of DCs (distribution centers, or warehouses). The report gives a snapshot of facts about the network such as cases per delivery, deliveries per week, etc. It’s not a performance scorecard (these metrics don’t have goals); it’s a snapshot of facts about the network.

The requester would like a table showing the % of receiving locations within 50-mile increments from their serving DC. In table form, it’s not very easy to scan down the rows to compare one DC or region to another. I’d like to add a visual to enable comparison across locations.

I’m currently using a thermometer chart showing the % of locations within 150 miles.  The dark gray line shows the network average. I chose 150 because that’s about the limit that a driver can make a round trip within DOT hours of service (given market density and average delivery size). Also, this simplifies the chart into two categories (<=150 or >150).  With seven categories, a histogram looked very busy.

Any ideas for better ways to display these network spread data would be appreciated! The report is currently in Excel, but Tableau-friendly recommendations would be great.