Animated Line Chart

I created a summary of the data from the Mapping Police Violence database. It’s a pretty straightforward line chart, but one idea I had to make it more interesting, and to put names behind the numbers, I am animating the…

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Tableau Dashboard

I would like better understanding on where to make things more visually appealing as well as text and font size, and different visualizations. You can check out the entire Tableau dashboard here. Data are here.

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Scatterplot in Python

This is a scatterplot that describes the correlation between male and female paid child care leave at research institutions across the US and Canada. I used python (matplotlib). The data is from Data source:

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Help for a Clustered Column Chart

I’m a researcher in science education and communication, currently doing my PhD in visual learning and communication. I’m always trying to improve my communication skills. Frankly, the standard excel bar charts are to common in the journals in my field,…

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Stacked Bar Chart Help!

I’ve shown this graph [see more here] to a couple folks who can’t seem to understand it. What would make it clearer? Goal is to show: -How much revenue is currently generated by each tax bracket? -How many filers are…

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Scatterplot Help

This is a modified scatter plot I dreamt up to display more than two variables without using bubbles. It’s not a finished product; just an idea that seemed like it might have some potential. I built a simple test version…

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