Helping a Heatmap

I would like help visualising these data. What I have tried to show is by segments those that over or under index against the average (total). I think the challenge is finding a way to visualise data with many series…

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Table Design Help

Hi, We’ve been struggling with how to make this table reader friendly for the non-data literate.  Please help!  This table is included in a larger report that will be distributed to community agencies with varying levels of data literacy. Please…

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Visualizing Banker Honesty

This request comes from Patrick Asea, Associate Professor of Economics at the American University of Afghanistan. How would you best visualize the data presented in Table 11 of this paper (data here)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If possible I…

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Inequality Bar Chart

This bar chart from Tim Smeeding, Director of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin, compares income distributions in 31 countries for various years using data from the Luxembourg Income Study. The figure shows the relative…

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