The First HelpMeViz Hackathon Event

I’m excited to announce the first live HelpMeViz Hackathon event. On Saturday, June 28th, HelpMeViz will bring together coders, data scientists, and data visualizers in Washington, DC, to help Bread for the World Institute with two data visualization challenges for…

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A Word from the Moderator

Happy New Year! As we enter the New Year, HelpMeViz is providing a platform for people working with all types of data and all types of visualizations to receive feedback and advice. There are now 6 visualizations under active discussion…

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Welcome to HelpMeViz!

The data visualization community consists of people who use data and design to tackle a variety of issues and challenges. Outside of a few specific blogs and tutorials however, there isn’t a place where that community can provide in-depth comments…

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