Discussing Time Series Data

Hi, I would just like to trigger an exchange of views/ideas/suggestions on the plotting of time-series data (data are here). I believe the displayed charts are self-explanatory. I don’t ask for a “business” solution here, rather than personal views on…

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Cancer Survival Rates

I’m working on a way to display trends in cancer survival over time broken out by stage and race. The purpose is to compare trends in survival between races so that if, for instance, whites have seen a large improvement…

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HelpMeViz - Reach Comparison, Hourly Breakdown - B

Line or Column?

I want to show several performance metrics in an hourly breakdown, let’s take Facebook Ad Clicks (for a specific advertiser/campaign) as an example (data). Each value in the X-axis represents one hour. Since the timeframe is only 24h, and the breakdown is…

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control chart

Fixing a Control Chart

Hi, I’m trying to elevate my control chart to the ‘next level’ by applying the Nelson 5 statistical rules. In other words, I want to be able to highlight the points on the graph that display the Nelson statistical rules….

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Income Volatility Line Graphs

Bradley Hardy from American University sends in the following request: I’m trying to figure out how to create “nice” panel charts in excel, where I’m currently attempting to do so in Stata. (See for example Figure 2.) I can easily…

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Trajectories of Obesity

This request comes from Joyce Lee at the University of Michigan. I published this paper long ago on trends in obesity over people’s lives. The images from that paper can be found in this PPT file (the data is embedded in…

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Visualizing YouTube Analytics

Hi! My name is Julie, and I need help visualizing some YouTube channel analytics data over time. Attached is the spreadsheet I’m working on as well as quick mock-up in Paint of what I’d like the graph to look like. On…

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Maps – At a Loss

Michael Taylor from ColdWater Economics writes in the following: Dear HelpMeViz, I wonder if you could give me some pointers. I am an economist, and my particular speciality is tracking global data. For this exercise, I am following approximately 400…

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