Visualizing Health Care

The new Republican health care program proposal–the American Health Care Act–was released yesterday (March 6) and with it came the expected comparisons with the effects under The Affordable Care Act. At the Kaiser Family Foundation, Cynthia Cox estimated the changes of…

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A Messy Connected Scatterplot

Last year, I wrote a blog post about how U.S. presidents have limited influence over the economy. As part of that post, I showed the relationship between the unemployment rate and participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP; formerly…

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Design Help

I have been working on this for a long time, but I haven’t worried about how the work will actually look, but now I have to show my results in public. Any and all advise on design, fonts, charts, etc. are…

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Cancer Survival Rates

I’m working on a way to display trends in cancer survival over time broken out by stage and race. The purpose is to compare trends in survival between races so that if, for instance, whites have seen a large improvement…

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Displaying Progress

Hi, I’ve attached two simple graphs (and data) that illustrate my attempts to display progress (or ‘direction of travel’) made by clients in a service. They were assessed when they come into the service, and again when they exit, in…

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HelpMeViz - Reach Comparison, Hourly Breakdown - B

Line or Column?

I want to show several performance metrics in an hourly breakdown, let’s take Facebook Ad Clicks (for a specific advertiser/campaign) as an example (data). Each value in the X-axis represents one hour. Since the timeframe is only 24h, and the breakdown is…

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Table Design Help

Hi, We’ve been struggling with how to make this table reader friendly for the non-data literate.  Please help!  This table is included in a larger report that will be distributed to community agencies with varying levels of data literacy. Please…

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Percentages and Targets

This request for help comes from Mike Clark. I am aiming to compare two categories (both in percentage), one of which can and does have negative values for particular locations, and then grouped into regions. There is also a 75%…

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MLB Payroll and Wins

I want to create a visualization of the correlation between baseball team wins and payroll between 2002 and 2012. My first idea was to do a slope chart with the different payroll values on 2 parallel vertical axis for the…

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