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Clubhouse is an invite-only chat app that enables users to join group-level audio chats. Whether Clubhouse is a great platform to discuss a visual medium like data visualizations remains to be seen, but I active on the platform and a member of the Data Viz and Presentation Club. If you would like an invitation to Clubhouse, please reach out to me.

This page will host materials, resources, and notes from our Clubhouse discussions. Be sure to come back often to share your notes and experiences!

Previous Discussions

Thursday, April 29 at 12p EDT

Giving data visualization feedback. How have things changed over the past 5-10 years? What are good and bad practices to provide feedback? What tools, platforms, and communities have helped you give and receive constructive feedback?

Thursday, April 22 at 12p EDT

Is the Tableau era over? A discussion based on this recent blog post about the supposed “end” of Tableau and dashboarding more generally.

Notes and References

Tools: Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Quadrigram, Google Data Studio, Observable, Jupyter Notebook, Datawrapper, Flourish, Miniconda

Thursday, April 15 at 12p EDT

Bubbles and Bars. Join us on Clubhouse for this discussion on tradeoffs between bubble charts and bar charts.

Notes & References

Visualizing Health and Health care data

The Book of Circles

Cedric Scherer on One Chart at a Time

Neil Richards’ blog post on beeswarm charts 

Hans Rosling, The best stats you’ve ever seen

Francis Gagnon, Looking for the right scale and Further thoughts on scale and purpose

Wednesday, April 7 at 12p EDT

Join me and several contributors to the One Chart at a Time series to get a behind-the-scenes peak at the work, how it came together, and discuss your favorite (and not-so-favorite) graphs, charts, and diagrams.