PowerPoint Links


Diagrammer is a visualization system offering over 4,000 customizable diagrams that use proximity, scale, and links to clarify hierarchy and relationships between information and downloadable PowerPoint files to enhance your presentations.

Get My Graphics

Get My Graphics is a design firm that helps clients achieve their goals by making it easy and affordable to get clear, communicative, professional graphics for business, training, education, lectures, and student projects.


A collection of hand-reviewed graphic graphic assets (fonts, logos, icons, and more) from GraphicRiver’s community of designers.

Nuts and Bolts Speed Training

Presents best practices, techniques and strategies developed by founders over 15 years of working under tight deadlines to build, edit, and polish PowerPoint decks used for client pitches, proposals, investment memorandums, and research reports.

PowerPoint Designer and Morph

Introduced in Office 2016, PowerPoint Designer and Morph are new presentation tools that automate the creation of slides and presentations. With a cloud-powered recommendation engine and smart animation technology, these new PowerPoint capabilities help you create polished slides and captivating motion effects with just a few quick steps.

Sketch Bubble

Sketch Bubble is a design firm that provides pre-designed, fully editable PowerPoint templates and slides, custom-made PowerPoint diagrams, charts, maps, templates and other kinds of presentation materials suitable for variety of fields, industries, verticals and themes and topics.


Leading supplier of unique, creative and effective PowerPoint templates.

Think Outside the Slide

The website of Dave Paradi, consultant, trainer, and author of a dozen books on effective PowerPoint presentations. Often provides PowerPoint tips and tutorials to create and deliver better presentations.