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Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day everyone! It’s especially fun this year because today is 3/14/15. If you’re a regular reader of this blog or of the data visualization field in general, you’re probably well aware of many people’s disdain for pie charts…

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Announcing the Remakes Page

New year, new ideas. This year, I’m launching a “Remakes” page to PolicyViz, which will serve as an ongoing repository for data visualizations that I think are in need a makeover. I’ll regularly post simple graphs and data visualizations that I…

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Visualized 2014 Roundup

Videos from the 2014 Visualized conference in New York City were posted late last week. Shortly after the conference last January, I wrote 8 separate posts summarizing my observations about data, storytelling, aesthetics, and other aspects of data visualization and…

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Directly Labeling Excel Charts

My friend Stephanie Evergreen–who co-hosts the awesome Rad Presenters Podcast with me–published a post last week about labeling charts in Excel. In it, she offered some guidance about how to get rid of your default legends and directly label your charts…

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