With more than 200 guests and eight seasons of episodes, the PolicyViz Podcast is one of the longest-running data visualization podcasts around. You can support the show by downloading and listening, following the work of my guests, and sharing the show with your networks. But the show takes a lot of costs to keep it going—sound and video editing, web hosting, transcription costs, and more. If you would like to financially support the show—and receive great data-related content—I’m opening up three new ways for you to do so:

  • Patreon. I am in the process of simplifying and streamlining my Patreon offerings. I will have a single tier starting next week, and for $5 a month you get a preview of the show’s guests and opportunities to submit questions I will ask in upcoming interviews.

  • Newsletter. After trying multiple services, I think I finally found a newsletter service that works for me: Revue. I’ve been publishing a free Revue newsletter for a few months and am now opening a paid version for $7 a month. The free version will remain and will include an unpublished blog post or other content, preview of the podcast, and a list of things I’m reading. The paid version will include all of that plus access to YouTube videos before they go live and an opportunity to meet in a members-only Zoom call each month to talk, discuss data visualization trends, ask questions, and more. (Current Patreon members and newsletter subscribers are getting an opportunity to receive 15% off the newsletter.)

  • Text messages. Some people don’t want to clutter up their email inbox, so I’m also giving the new text messaging service Winno a try. For $5 a month, I’ll send you about 2-3 text messages each week that will include an image or link to a data visualization referencing a super specific design element or technique that is uniquely smart and useful. These will be the little things that add up to making better visualizations—good colors, labeling techniques, and more. You can get a free two-week sneak peek at how this will work by signing up now; your credit card will only be charged after the two week trial period.

I hope you’ll consider supporting the show through any of these channels. And if you have suggestions for content in these channels or on the blog, or for podcast guests, please reach out to me via email or on Twitter.