After a few weeks of playing around with the new Clubhouse app, I’m happy to announce I’ve teamed up with Hana Khan, who organizes the Data Viz and Presentation Clubhouse club, to start a weekly data visualization chat called All Charts Considered. Each week—currently scheduled for Thursdays at 12p EDT—we’ll discuss a different topic around data and data visualization.

In case you don’t know, Clubhouse is a free, audio-only social media app where people discuss preset topics or whatever is on their minds in “rooms.” It’s kind of like being on a Zoom call with all the cameras turned off—which can be both good and bad, especially when it comes to data visualization where we can’t see the graphs we are discussing.

Some of my earliest interactions on Clubhouse were with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic and RJ Andrews. We talked about how Clubhouse could be used in and around the data visualization space, different graph types, and our favorite graph types. We also asked questions about this new audio platform: How can and should we talk about data visualizations without actually seeing them? Would the audio-only format devolve into constant cross-talk and shouting matches? So far, the platform seems to be working well, especially in those rooms that are moderated well, so I’m optimistic that this All Charts Considered series will work well.

But before the All Charts Considered series launches, I’ll be co-hosting a conversation on Clubhouse with contributors to the One Chart at a Time series. That discussion will take place this Wednesday, April 7 at 12p EDT/9a PDT. We’ll talk about the project, how it was organized, and how contributors created their content. You can join that event here or click the image below.

Join the One Chart at a Time Clubhouse conversation on Wednesday, April 7 at 12 pm EDT

If you’d like to join us and don’t have a Clubhouse account (currently only on iPhones), DM me or Hana on Twitter to get an invite. Then, join us on Thursdays at 12p EDT for the conversation. Once we start, I’ll provide a link to a Google doc that we can use for sharing, note-taking, and examples. We have scheduled three sessions in April (15, 22, and 29) to test out this new initiative and see how it goes. We hope this becomes a regular event, so bring your questions, your curiosity, and your willingness to share.

I hope you can join us. I’m looking forward to chatting!