I have 3 Graphic Continuum posters that are all packed up and ready to send, so I’m going to give them away over the next few weeks. For each of the next 3 weeks, I’ll ask you to send or Tweet me some kind of graph or collection. I’ll randomly choose an entry and send that person the poster (and sorry, but I’m only shipping within the US.)

For this first week, please send me your favorite example of a qualitative data visualization. It can be from a newspaper, academic journal, blog, presentation, whatever. I want to see what you think are great examples of visualizing qualitative data. Tweet the link or image to me @jschwabish and use the hashtag #qualdataviz or use the comment box below. This first giveaway closes next Tuesday, December 5 at midnight EST.

Thanks to those who chimed in below and on Twitter. I threw the names in the hat and pleased to announce that Sarah Barkman came out the winner! Yay for Sarah! (Sarah, send me an email with your mailing address and I’ll send you a poster).

Okay, onto Week #2

This week, send me your favorite data visualization from a social media channel. I’m not looking for a visualization that someone published in a newspaper or website, but one that was designed explicitly for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Put the link below, or share it with me on Twitter with #socialviz. I’ll put the names in the hat next Wednesday and the randomly-chosen winner will get a Graphic Continuum poster (US shipping only).