Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Pinterest user. I use it for my own library of graphics I like and don’t, teaching materials, and other assorted sundries. But there are a few collections of data visualizations that are worth your time; users who keep a large and updated set of resources in data visualization and related areas like typography, color, and design. I’m sure there are more, so feel free to add to the list in the comment section below.

In the meantime, here is a (baker’s) dozen of my favorite Pinterest users in data visualization and related areas (alphabetically ordered by first name) with their Twitter feeds to boot:

Andy Kriebel (@VizWizBI)

His Monday Makeover board may be the best part of Andy’s Pinterest collection, but great stuff in the Data Viz board as well.

Ben Willers (@b_willers)

Lovely collections, especially if you like Ben’s aesthetic for light graphics with subtle colors.

Benjamin Wiederkehr (@wiederkehr)

As you can see from this screenshot, a great collection, well-curated, and organized.

Giorgia Lupi (@giorgialupi)

Who doesn’t love Giorgia Lupi? Seriously? Beautiful collections with hand-drawn inspirations.

Jan Willem Tulp (@JanWillemTulp)

Terrific collection, especially because he includes his own work. He also has some fun personal and work collections.

Jane Pong (@officeofjane)

Some really nice boards here–I really like the Patterns board.

Lynn Cherny (@arnicas)

My first go-to Pinterest board for data visualizations. Lynn has an amazing, up-to-date collection of all types of graphs.

Marsha van Rooijen

I recently discovered these boards and love the different collections. Also, a great organization to the entire Pinterest collection.

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo (@patriciogv)

Everything under the sun, including some interesting art and tech boards.

Sha Hwang (@shashashasha)

Sha has 4.6 million followers on Pinterest! With 82 boards, you can sort of see why. Sha’s Pinterest page has a wide array of topics relevant to your data visualization interests.

Till Nagel (@tillnm)

A really nice collection of boards on maps.

Wim Post

Large collection of dataviz, typography, posters, and design.

Visualoop (@visualoop)

Bonus! #13! The creator of all things dataviz, VisualLoop, unsurprisingly has a large Pinterest collection as well.