Over the past few months, I’ve been developing this PowerPoint keyboard shortcut card. There are lots of places you can find libraries of PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts, including Nuts and Bolts Speed Training and Geetesh Bajaj at Indezine, but I wanted an easy-to-use, handy card that could sit on your desk. This PowerPoint cheat sheet card was largely inspired by the Excel keyboard shortcut card from Dave Bruns at ExcelJet, which I use all the time. (If you order one of these PPT cheat sheets, you can also receive 20% off Dave’s Excel keyboard shortcut card.)

The PowerPoint Shortcuts page contains over 125 different keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and the Mac. Shortcuts are listed side-by-side on a full-color, laminated 8.5×11″ card. It will be custom shipped directly to you and discounts are available on bulk orders.

You can purchase these cards now over at the PolicyViz Shop.